Technology is often treated as a required ever-increasing investment, with few checks and balances in the pursuit of product differentiating innovation. At Truenorth, we approach all technology innovation projects from the perspective of return on investment and cost containment. Routinely stretching the IT dollar to the max, Stable Point seeks to protect our client’s investment in more strategic technology implementation commonly reaching our client’s customer base.
We view technology from the governance and business perspective. Technology plays a vital role in product or service excellence, the attraction of attention of clients or the effective service of constituents. Yet, Technology is often a commoditized item, in the hands of multiple levels of intermediaries, and difficult to reach its value to its intended end users. Our methodology protects our clients from waste, excess, and inefficiency in technology, while stretching the current IT dollar to the max.

Our in-depth technology expertise with multiple vendors, platforms and applications hard-earned over years of experience, allows us the judgement and capability few IT companies reach, all at the service of our clients. Simply stated, we offer in depth product knowledge in the transparent service of our clients.

Services Offerings

  • Enterprise VMWare solutions implementations
  • Microsoft’s virtualization and management solutions 
  • Nutanix Virtualization Solutions
  • Application-driven virtualization with Oracle VM 
  • Workspace ONE and Horizon Solutions for large and enterprise sector  

Infrastructure Design

  • Data Center DesignNetworking Design and Implementation 
  • Structured Cabling 
  • Network Management & Monitoring

IT Operations Streamlining

  • Offerings: IT Operations Streamlining
  • Complex Server Consolidation Architecture Projects 
  • IT Service Management 
  • Infrastructure Monitoring 
  • Application Performance Monitoring 
  • Methodology based solutions for large, complex and highly regulated clients. 
  • Cloud Migration Services 
  • VMware Cloud MSP
  • VMware on Azure (AVS) Solutions
  • VMC on AWS
  • AWS Cloud Services
  • Methodology based solutions for large, complex and highly regulated clients. 
  • Cloud Migration Services 


  • Fortinet Solutions
  • VMware Carbon Black Solutions
  • Security Assessments 
  • IT Service Management 
  • Vulnerability Assessments 
  • Data Encryption 
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems 
  • Unified Thread Protection 
  • Certificates 
  • Single Sign On Solutions 
  • Secure Computing 
  • BYOD Mobile Security Solutions

Managed Services

  • On Demand Technical Support Services 
  • Server Management and Monitoring Services
  • Incident Support Services
  • IaaS 

Database Administration

  • IBM DB2 solutions for mission critical applications 
  • Large scale data warehousing with MS SQL Server 
  • Oracle database solutions for all business sectors and applications 
  • Cross platform, high performance and cost-effective MySQL solutions

High Availability Solutions

  • Business Impact Analysis 
  • Business Continuity Planning 
  • Disaster Recovery Planning 
  • Remote Site Mirroring 
  • Hybrid Cloud implementations
  • Immutable backups copy
  • Cloud Base Solutions 
  • IBM Z solutions
  • IBM LinuxOne solutions
  • IBM Z systems to AWS Migrations
  • Database Performance 
  • Enhancements 

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Wiliam Román Partner CTO
Wiliam Román

Partner CTO

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