Let the work flow

Horizon allows you to easily create electronic forms, define workflows, and monitor approvals to define and track business processes. It works with Microsoft Teams and Power apps!

What is horizon

horizon® is a Low Code Application Platform (LCAP) that works
independently, besides, or integrated with traditional ERP or CRM
tools, to facilitate the creation, management and measurement of
business processes, especially approval-based processes.
Horizon allows you to create and manage forms-based processes,
define multiple levels of approvals and visualize them to make
better business decisions.

What can horizon for you

How horizon improves your work flow in 4 steps

1. Supports multiple types of Forms

You can easily create Forms and determine how they will flow when
they’re filled. It can be as simple as a one question form, or it can have
several combinations or layers of forms.

2. Quickly define and manage forms processes

Once a Form is defined, horizon® guides you to define the Process to be
applied and how they will flow throughout your organization.

3. Track the approval path and manage exceptions

The Approval Processing Engine allows you to define approval levels
and track the acceptance and rejection of all or part of forms and send
rejected forms back to the originators for additional clarification and
resubmission. Horizon supports Digital Signatures that can interface to
ERP and CRM systems.

4. Visualize all processes with graphics

Allows you to visualize processes to ensure compliance and completeness of a process. It allows you to take better decisions on unstructured flows.

A solution for every need of your company

Digitalize forms easily

Tons of paper sheets and time can be saved by creating
forms in horizon. Allow your employees or customers to
fill-in forms remotely without the need to develop an
application or without the need to re-insert the
information into another system.

Do it faster

Keep track of your actual manual enterprise processes
by creating detailed horizon® processes which allows
every involved department to move the process faster
and more accurate, while keeping information secure.
In today’s displaced working and living environments it
helps you ensure processes are followed.

Inspec progress and processes

Push stalled processes. Insist on fast delivery, and measure to demonstrate value. Visualize progress on processes. Produce the reports you need to track
progress, identify waste, reward top performers and handle lagers.


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