Horizon will be well received in your business

Your employees will love Horizon. They will use it to quickly fill forms and track the progress of their requests or needs though the organization. No more paper-based forms that are lost or need clarification that add time, costs and aggravation to a process. No more wondering when their needs will be met.
Your managers will enjoy to use Horizon. They can quickly see that status of multiple processes, follow-up, and complete approval cycles, FAST!
You will appreciate the reduction of time to deploy applications, increase process information, and improve control and transparency with better productivity and much higher user satisfaction.

Horizon allows your organization to quickly deploy forms, process and approval based applications


horizon® supports multiple types of Forms. You can easily create Forms and determine how they will flow when they’re filled. It can be as simple as a one question form, or it can have several combinations or layers of forms.​


Once a Form is defined, horizon® guides you to define the Process to be applied and how they will flow throughout your organization.​


The Approval Processing Engine allows you to define approval levels and track the acceptance and rejection of all or part of forms and send rejected forms back to the originators for additional clarification and resubmission. Horizon supports Digital Signatures can interface to ERP and CRM systems.​


horizon® allows you to visualize processes to ensure compliance and completeness of a process. It allows you to take better decisions on unstructured flows.

How does Horizon compare


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