Product Description

If your business requires focused, proven application development skills for multiple environments and you demand business savvy analysts and fast coders, Truenorth is your team. Our expert team of Project Managers, Architects, Analysts and Developers have conceived, designed, built and maintained, enterprise-wide, geographically diverse, real time, systems for highly regulated industries with stringent control and down time requirements such as Financial Services, Government and HealthCare.

Our novel and proven AGILE approach allow us to dramatically reduce overall business process cycle time. We have reduced the Month End Statement Processing Window on a Major Global Bank from 7 days to less than 24 hours, using our innovative process approach, and our in-depth technology knowledge.

Many businesses face transparency challenges. We offer total business transparency by employing a proven Agile Methodology with Customer Involvement, while maintaining an adequate level of confidentiality and integrity.

It is our mission to make it easy for you to move across both on premise or cloud architectures with grace and speed, and to be able to exploit the full potential of your organization. Using Microsoft and Open platforms we build high-quality, fast and efficient Web and Mobile Apps for highly regulated and high availability dependent customers. We are working with Microsoft to lead the digital transformation of organizations modernizing them in a cloud-first world.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we are certified in the following disciplines:

  • Application Development
  • Application Integration
  • Cloud Platform
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Platform
  • Devices and Deployment

As an IBM Premier Business Partner and Certified in:

  • Enterprise Content Manager
  • Websphere
  • DB/2
  • DataCap
  • Tivoli


Truenorth’s CodePoint methodology has four (4) distinct phases each of them having a series of tasks for the corresponding theme of work (i.e., Processes, Application, IT Infrastructure and Project Management).

These Four (4) Phases are:

Includes all business analysis related tasks: assessment of the current processes, understanding of the business problems or needs and how they will be solved by the business objectives of the solution envisioned. During this phase, a future process is defined or reviewed and then the solution requirements, both functional and technical will be elicited, developed and validated by key stakeholders.
Includes all tasks related to defining the blueprint of our solution (or iteration release in agile projects), not only as a software development, but also in terms of the impact on the Information Technology infrastructure and processes and procedures already in place in the organization. The outcome of this phase intends to describe the road ahead and re-assess all the things to do for a successful implementation.
Includes all tasks related to implementing the blueprints across all themes. At the end of this phase (waterfall type project) or iteration release (agile type project), the organization will be ready for the implementation of the new solution or iteration release.
Includes the activities of transition to production environment. Depending on the project approach selected it may include Final Integration and User Acceptance Testing before the rollout to production. Once the transition activities are completed it will continue with the introduction of the new solution or iteration release into production, and ends after a period of post-implementation support to hand over the solution as part of the day-to-day application support. During this period, we will monitor the behavior of the new solution, solve identified issues, and perform the knowledge transfer to the application support resources; when development resources are different from application support resources.

Also, our CodePoint methodology has four (4) work themes that categorizes the activities to execute during each phase. The following diagram presents the main objectives of the activities of these four work themes within each phase:

Our CodePoint methodology is adaptable to be executed under waterfall or agile software development approach as per customer needs and work environment. Under an agile environment the phases and their corresponding activities are performed for any given iteration until the project is completed. The solution could have several releases to the production environment over the lifecycle of the project. This gives the customer the opportunity to have functionality available progressively to end-users, and provide the project team to react to changes that may arise during the project timeframe.

Our architecture highlights our breadth of expertise

We have earned industry recognition for our effectiveness and quality of our designs. Our Coders operate on a formal mentoring environment, where collaboration and earned independence to improve productivity is incented and rewarded. The shop design yields well-built systems, that meet critical customer requirements at blazing speeds. CodePoint team versatility provides value added solutions, with the capabilities to improve business processes and the best use of the information systems data.

Solutions development can arise from a broad portfolio of software development and configurations tools as depicted in our CodePoint Tool Architecture. Truenorth, as a technology transformation firm, is eminently qualified to employ these tools, and is keenly aware of emerging software technologies.

Product Offering

CodePoint supports a wide range of robust product offerings tailored to your organization needs. We provide enterprise solutions to improve performance and goals attainment by making organization’s processes/workflow visible, measured, more efficient, more effective and more capable for adapting to changes.

Application Software Development

Our high-performing team’s practices continuous integration and delivery with our DevOps software development standard Overwatch. Overwatch gives us complete traceability to see everything in our Software Development Life Cycle including changes to our code, reviews, and test results. With our Code Point methodology and Overwatch, we can create more frequent deployments at a higher quality.

We are leaders in our industry with proven experience in the following Web and Client/Server based development services:

  • Web and Client/Server based Development Services
  • Cloud Software Development
  • Cloud computing enablement for existing applications
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft .Net Development Services
  • Java Development Services
  • Advanced Microsoft Integration Services
  • Advanced Microsoft Analysis Services
  • Advanced Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Agile Application Development
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Mobile Systems Development across multiple platforms
  • Microsoft SOL Server, IBM DB/2 and Oracle expertise

Business Process Management (BPM)

Provide solutions to improve organization performance and goals attainment by making organization’s processes/workflow visible, measured, more efficient, more effective and more capable for adapting to changes.

  • Bonita BPM

Business Analytics and Data Science

Everyone can create reports, we create interactive dashboards bringing life to your data, helping C-level executives understand their data for a better decision making. From small business to enterprise organizations, we empower users for better business performance, improved business planning and fact driven decision making.

In the Cloud or on-premises, we can support you with the following strategies:

  • Enterprise scale data warehouse services
  • Comprehensive, enterprise scale analytic solutions
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Master Data Management using graph database (NO-SQL)
  • Distributed processing of large data sets across clusters

Valuable Final Product

The right software, on time and within budget.